Dear Followers!

Welcome to Cosmo Mommy! This website really has been a true labor of love. I've been wanting to launch it for a while now but never quite felt like the timing was right. I now know perfection is not the key element in starting your own site but rather desire, passion and an audience. I have the desire and passion and hope that, in you, I will find an audience.

My hope is to use this platform for the many parents out there who are raising their kids with a sense of adventure. Just because you are a mother, doesn't mean you have to stop traveling, going to fancy events or wearing heels and beautiful jewelry. You are still a woman and you, too, can be a cosmo mom!

I want to use this platform to inform my readers about the many adventures the world has to offer whether ten thousand or ten miles away! I want to highlight other moms who are doing wonderful work and deserve recognition. I want to express my thoughts about the things I am most passionate about and, most of all, I want to have fun.

Won't you come along for the ride?!